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Portrait Photography

Capturing the essence of an individual requires a keen eye and a fluid approach. With a professional journey spanning almost 30 years, I've mastered the art of creating portraits that reflect genuine emotions and character. Guided by Bruce Lee's wisdom to "Be like water," my style marries the candid depth of journalistic photography with the classic beauty of traditional techniques.

My roots in journalism, enriched by traditional photographic training, allow me to see and capture the soul behind every smile, gaze, or subtle expression. Clients treasure the experience I provide—meticulously planned yet effortlessly adaptive, ensuring comfort and authenticity in every session. Whether it's a personal portrait, a family gathering, or a professional headshot, my trusty Canon equipment and I are committed to delivering images that resonate, tell a story, and create lasting memories.

Delve into the gallery and discover the myriad of personalities and stories immortalized through my lens.

Portrait Services

Half Day

Any photo shoot that is 4 hours or less.

Full Day

Any photo shoot that is 5 hours or more.

Multi Day

Full day photography with multiple days.

Portrait Samples

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