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Wedding Photography

Weddings are a blend of fleeting moments and timeless memories. With a legacy in photography that stretches across 30 remarkable years, I've honed my craft to capture the essence of your special day in a manner that's both fluid and profound. Drawing inspiration from Bruce Lee's philosophy, "Be like water," my style seamlessly merges the candid spontaneity of journalistic photography with the timeless elegance of traditional shots. My background in journalism, combined with traditional training, ensures that every emotion, every laugh, and every tear is captured with authenticity. Clients cherish the harmonious balance I bring—being meticulously organized yet effortlessly adaptive. Whether it's a sunlit beach wedding or a grand ballroom affair, my trusty Canon equipment and I are ready to embrace the challenge, ensuring your wedding photos are nothing short of perfection. Step into the gallery and relive the magic of weddings captured through my lens.

Wedding Services

Half Day

Any photo shoot that is 4 hours or less.

Full Day

Any photo shoot that is 5 hours or more.

Multi Day

Full day photography with multiple days.

Wedding Samples

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