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High School Senior Photography

The transition from high school to the next chapter in life is a milestone filled with dreams, aspirations, and youthful exuberance. With a photographic journey that spans nearly three decades, I specialize in immortalizing this pivotal moment with a blend of raw emotion and timeless elegance. Inspired by Bruce Lee's philosophy to "Be like water," my approach fluidly adapts to each senior's unique personality, capturing their essence in a blend of journalistic spontaneity and traditional grace.

Drawing from my rich background in journalism and traditional photography, I craft portraits that echo the individuality and spirit of each senior. Clients appreciate the harmonious experience I offer—meticulously organized, yet flexible and relaxed, ensuring genuine smiles and candid moments. Whether it's a vibrant outdoor shoot, a themed session, or a classic studio portrait, my reliable Canon equipment and I are dedicated to making every senior shine, commemorating this significant milestone with perfection.

Venture into the gallery and witness the vibrancy and dreams of young adults captured in their defining moments.

Senior Services

Half Day

Any photo shoot that is 4 hours or less.

Full Day

Any photo shoot that is 5 hours or more.

Multi Day

Full day photography with multiple days.

Senior Samples

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