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Wedding Photography at Talega Golf Club with Michelle and John

Talega Golf Club in San Clemente has some of my favorite architectural features, lush greens with earth toned arches. A quick trip down through the tunnels to the lake and waterfalls gives you a stellar spot for a few quick shots of a lovely couple. Michelle and John were married here in March of 2011. Fun loving and a little crazy, John and Michelle are awesome people and make great photo subjects. Having the opportunity to photograph a very special day in their life was an honor for me. Judge Dennis J. Keough performed the ceremony with a deep projecting voice. Along with several comical breaks, the ceremony was a moving experience. This crowd was full of motor loving, bike riding enthusiast so I was prepared for quite a party. The partying got off to a quick start with the help of the stellar spinning skills of DJ Ed McCullogh from Classic Touch DJ Entertainment. See the rest of their images here.

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